​Our goal is to keep you on your feet, and on the greens, longer.

Synergy Golf Orthotics are all about keeping your feet and body healthier, resulting in more golf, more often, with less of the soreness associated with the great game.

Poor or inadequate biomechanics of the feet are one of the most common contributors to unwanted injuries affecting golfers all around the world. Conditions such as lower back pain, plantarfasciitis/heel spurs, shin splints, and achilles tendinopathy are all conditions that, if present, can significantly reduce the playing time of the golfer. Most, if not all, of these conditions can also be attributed to biomechanical abnormalities and insufficiencies occurring during activity. The role of Synergy Golf Orthotics is to assist the body in the management of these pathologies, reducing pain and discomfort, increasing your ability to perform at the highest level, for longer. Happy Golfing!!!

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Synergy Orthotics